Hi! Well, my Sunday is busy as the rest of my days jejej, because I´m always trying to learn and make many things all at the same time.
It makes me feel fustrated sometimes, because you can never finish all and I hate to leave something just because of lack of time when all my ideas are still floeating all over my head...
Mmmm, well I have finished edited My Space Channel, I was not at all convinced how it was looking...not at all convinced yet.but, well, I think it looks nicer now.
I´m plannig to make many icons to share, Supernatural and Twilight ones. I would let you know as soon as they are finished.
I´m also working on a new video.
My acting classes are getting so much interesting, I find that I love acting but also directing, my teacher is so amazing and I´m always debating with her about our classmates performances. We also have a great debate looking at our filmed scenes, that was a great experience.
I´m so happy with it.
Now other proyect is comming, my stamped t-shirts, finally got a new one and works prefectly! so I´m happy, now just to start designing!!! :D
I don´t have the enough time as I wanted to read my twilight book and that made me sad, because it´s so amazing! the problem is that I can´t let it go when start reading hahah, that Edward chracter is just amazing!..

Well, sharing one of my graphics Desings that I made for a friend of mine.

Have a nice rest of the weekend! Commets are appreciated :D



From: [identity profile] wuzzlybear.livejournal.com

Oh wow, directing? Sounds aweesome. I would absoloutely love to do that! :-D
And ahaa, your a Twilight lover :D I'm a twilight hater :P
Also i have a question: WHY IS JENSEN SO HAWT?! :-D
The banner is beautiful. (:

From: [identity profile] walkiria2.livejournal.com

Hi! Thanks for the comment!:D
Well, I think Jensen is so hot so as we can make different art with his images and everything just look great!! jja :D
Yeah..love twilight..well, so you hate it..and it´s great, because I like my friends to have their own likes and personality :D

From: [identity profile] kelzies.livejournal.com

*waves to new friend*

Nice graphic art! Awesome stuff :D You're taking acting classes? And directing? Cool! Would love to do stuff like that :D

From: [identity profile] walkiria2.livejournal.com

Hi! Thank you for your kind words!
yes! I´m studying acting and directing! I enjoy it so much. Here you have information of it.http://www.laclacescueladecine.com.ar/ Well, it´s in my country jejej sorry, the language is spanish *ups*
Hey! you are going to kill me with your avatar..*sighs*..jejje
Hugs my friend!

From: [identity profile] nhdaganasky.livejournal.com

Wow, i love the wallpaper Rox. I'm sure our mutual friend will love it because its awesome :-D I'm so glad your enjoying the acting, i think you'll make a great actress :-) Take care, Nance

From: [identity profile] walkiria2.livejournal.com

Hi Nan! Thank you so much for you comments. Do you know Maypi?

From: [identity profile] negris-w.livejournal.com

yo quiero...yo quiero..pick me ...pickme

yo quiero un banner asi bonito, y como hago para que mis humores aqui en el journal me salga referente a SPN

From: [identity profile] walkiria2.livejournal.com

jajaj, justo estoy haciendo diseños de supernatural pero para las remeras. Ni bien pueda te hago amiguis.
Mirá yo los humores los tomé de una chica que esta en mi contacto de amiga con los debidos créditos. Hasta ahora es la unica que encontré que ofrecia humores, pero debe haber mas.
Igual ahora te paso otro link con su journal para que la agregues como amiga y lo hables con ella.