I hate youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have deleted my both accounts!
I was having problems as we all have with copyrighted videos, they had already disabled almost 6 of my videos, I tried to fight copyright rights but.. they deleted my both accounts.
so...everything again, to star all over..I have lost many of my friends and my friends´s fav videos :(
My new account just in case:
 I ´m

starting to upload all my vids again.. but teh result is that all my vids posted in my space accoutn are not workingggggggg aggggg
www.myspace.com/walkiria2 and neither some vids on my Bamvidvault account: bamvidvault.ning.com/profile/Walkiria
Here is my account where I have many videos and all are working fine:
Hugs to all!
ohhhh yes, my new video, so in case they had no chance to watch it:
It´s re-uploaded


From: [identity profile] heartdrawndream.livejournal.com

I love that vid.

FRIGGIN' STUPID PIECE OF *beeeeep*. It's deleted loads of my vids and I'm surprised I still have an account. I have an imeem too, but then all my subscribers and friends are on youtube!!


It makes me want to stop vidding.

From: [identity profile] walkiria2.livejournal.com

ohh believe me, i wanted to stop too, when I found out that they deleted even my back up account..but the same as you, my friends, most of them are on yourtube too, so..I´ll have to keep on working..and I can´t avoid it! haha i love editing. I´m a bit of delayed with all this stuff, i was working on a new vid, but well, it will have to wait. please add me to your youtube and imeem accounts :)
Thank you for your wordsa bout my video!


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