( Dec. 12th, 2008 11:16 am)

Yesterday I have been suffering with Photoshop, ohhh I hate that program. I used to love it a while ago, I used it much for designing, but then I found Paint shop pro and got very interested in it, I start learning more and more and now I feel free to creat with it. But if we talk about resolutions to print or to work with big resolution brushes I have to admit that photoshop is better on it.
But well, I used to work with Photoshop 9 and now I have photshop CS3 and so many things have changed on it that was a nightmare to try to design a single picture yesterday. I try to learn to use it as well as the other program but I tend to give it up and go back to my lovely paint shop pro :D
Despite of that, makes me annoyed to find how many brushes all people make and share for photoshop and how little for paint shop pro, and I don´t know how!? I find this program so useful and so handy in many ways, even better that photoshop regarding cutting and smoothing. I guess that Photoshop is better to cut perfectly, but Paint shop pro is better to smooth and to use gradients.
I also find easier to load brushes on paint shop pro than to photoshop.
If any of you have skills and like using Photoshop so much, please give me a hand or I´ll drive crazy with it!jaja
The above design is made with paint shop pro.
Give me your advice, it would be appreciated :D

( Dec. 7th, 2008 05:06 pm)
Hi! Well, my Sunday is busy as the rest of my days jejej, because I´m always trying to learn and make many things all at the same time.
It makes me feel fustrated sometimes, because you can never finish all and I hate to leave something just because of lack of time when all my ideas are still floeating all over my head...
Mmmm, well I have finished edited My Space Channel, I was not at all convinced how it was looking...not at all convinced yet.but, well, I think it looks nicer now.
I´m plannig to make many icons to share, Supernatural and Twilight ones. I would let you know as soon as they are finished.
I´m also working on a new video.
My acting classes are getting so much interesting, I find that I love acting but also directing, my teacher is so amazing and I´m always debating with her about our classmates performances. We also have a great debate looking at our filmed scenes, that was a great experience.
I´m so happy with it.
Now other proyect is comming, my stamped t-shirts, finally got a new one and works prefectly! so I´m happy, now just to start designing!!! :D
I don´t have the enough time as I wanted to read my twilight book and that made me sad, because it´s so amazing! the problem is that I can´t let it go when start reading hahah, that Edward chracter is just amazing!..

Well, sharing one of my graphics Desings that I made for a friend of mine.

Have a nice rest of the weekend! Commets are appreciated :D







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