We are a fan group with members from all Latin American Countries gathering to bring a Supernatural Convention that would take place in Argentina.
We will be working hard cooperating, filling sign petitions, contacting media, promoting through videos, advertising, etc and all that´s necessary to show that we are able to cooperate, organize and have the structural equipment to make it possible.
Everybody is welcome to join, debate, help, comment, give ideas, because it´s done for all American countries that are not able to travel and assist expensive international Conventions but support and follow the Show and all Supernatural crew as much as the other.
Because it would be our dream come true, we will join for a common goal.
We are now more than 200 members in our facebook group! Come, join and visit all our oficial groups. Soon on youtube and My Space!

Journal: http://argspncon.livejournal.com/
Bamvidvault group: http://bamvidvault.ning.com/group/hevenhell
Gupo en imeem: http://www.imeem.com/groups/OffWqLiM,heaven-hell-argentina-supernatural-convention-latin-american-co/
facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php

Here is my new Supernatural 4x16 design. Hope you like it.
If use please credit. thanks!

Link to download: walkiria2.deviantart.com/art/EvilSam-117277977 please credit if use. Thanks

( Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:33 pm)
I hate youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have deleted my both accounts!
I was having problems as we all have with copyrighted videos, they had already disabled almost 6 of my videos, I tried to fight copyright rights but.. they deleted my both accounts.
so...everything again, to star all over..I have lost many of my friends and my friends´s fav videos :(
My new account just in case:
 I ´m

starting to upload all my vids again.. but teh result is that all my vids posted in my space accoutn are not workingggggggg aggggg
www.myspace.com/walkiria2 and neither some vids on my Bamvidvault account: bamvidvault.ning.com/profile/Walkiria
Here is my account where I have many videos and all are working fine:
Hugs to all!
ohhhh yes, my new video, so in case they had no chance to watch it:
It´s re-uploaded

I received this message in my youtube channel account. Please comment.

I read one of your messages and wondered whether you'd like to take a look at the website spoilertv where they have spoken about writers wanting anna to be brought back to earth, although it's not clear when or for how many episodes. They would like us to comment on whether we want anna to be brought back and due to the message i have recently read i wondered whether you could spare a few minutes to go onto the following link so that you could posta quick comment, by saying that you want anna to be brought back in future episodes. It would be most appeciated.

Here’s the link:

This is my reply, if you want to know:

I really DON´T want Anna back in any episode, I really think that this wasn´t an interesting character at all, I mean a demon and now an angel, jaja well, it was more than a joke for me, and I think that the character didn´t match with Dean at all, there was no chemistry, a clearly seen forced relationship, it also looked Dean different from his original personality,it was also shown on the sex scene, it changed it and I really didn´t like it at all. I can undertand that Sam have changed during the seasons, but know Dean? well, it would not be Supernatural at all..
I prefer Sam and Dean as regular characters as the firts seasons, I don´t think that a regular female character goes with the story itself..if I have to choose it would be better a hunter for them that something so irrational as a deamon and an angel.
I like Ruby´s character, obviously not as a regukar character, but I do prefer Kattie by far.

( Dec. 7th, 2008 05:06 pm)
Hi! Well, my Sunday is busy as the rest of my days jejej, because I´m always trying to learn and make many things all at the same time.
It makes me feel fustrated sometimes, because you can never finish all and I hate to leave something just because of lack of time when all my ideas are still floeating all over my head...
Mmmm, well I have finished edited My Space Channel, I was not at all convinced how it was looking...not at all convinced yet.but, well, I think it looks nicer now.
I´m plannig to make many icons to share, Supernatural and Twilight ones. I would let you know as soon as they are finished.
I´m also working on a new video.
My acting classes are getting so much interesting, I find that I love acting but also directing, my teacher is so amazing and I´m always debating with her about our classmates performances. We also have a great debate looking at our filmed scenes, that was a great experience.
I´m so happy with it.
Now other proyect is comming, my stamped t-shirts, finally got a new one and works prefectly! so I´m happy, now just to start designing!!! :D
I don´t have the enough time as I wanted to read my twilight book and that made me sad, because it´s so amazing! the problem is that I can´t let it go when start reading hahah, that Edward chracter is just amazing!..

Well, sharing one of my graphics Desings that I made for a friend of mine.

Have a nice rest of the weekend! Commets are appreciated :D



( Dec. 6th, 2008 06:58 pm)
Well, surfing the web just found this two photos, perhaps everyone has already seen them but I havent so...., you have to understand that I`m  still frozen jaja, well, not frozen..:D
I just have to post it, to see them and to share with you, if anyone of you want them, just take them :D